Truong Hai Auto inaugurated the most modern passenger car factory in Southeast Asia

Truong Hai Automobile Joint Stock Company (Thaco) has just held the inauguration ceremony of Thaco Mazda automobile factory. This is the largest and most modern Mazda passenger car factory in Southeast Asia, meeting the global standards of Mazda Japan.
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Uong Chu Luu and leaders of central ministries attended the ribbon cutting inauguration of the factory.
Invest in modern production lines and equipment
Thaco Mazda factory is planned in the section of automobile assembly plants in Chu Lai – Truong Hai Automobile Mechanical Industrial Park. The factory covers an area of 30.3 ha of which 17.3 ha are workshops.

The factory is invested with the most modern lines, equipment, automation and technology, including: Robot welding line with laser welding technology; Electrostatic painting system with continuous dipping technology; Color coating line with wet on wet paint technology (primer and finishing paint without drying) meets the surface standard according to strict requirements of high-class paint colors; Automated 80% assembly line. The factory is transferred a completely new technology with a higher standard of the Mazda Group to meet the quality requirements of the new generation of Mazda worldwide in a small direction. fuel consumption, electrical energy use and environmentally friendly.
Product quality is strictly controlled on each stage of production according to Mazda’s quality management system (MES – Mazda Engineering Standard, ISO / IATF 16949, ISO 14001 …). The test road with a length of 2.4km fully simulates the terrain as reality, ensuring technical requirements to check the quality of the car before leaving the factory. The factory has been certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to fully meet the provisions of Decree 116/2017 / ND-CP of the Government.
Especially, the factory applies a production control system based on the digitization platform, connecting with the whole factory automation lines with information throughout the value chain from ordering, manufacturing and handing on demand. customer distinctness, true to the spirit of technology revolution 4.0; step by step apply smart production lines, smart workshops and achieve smart factory goals.
The plant is also designed and built with the feature that when increasing the capacity up to 100,000 vehicles / year, it is only necessary to install a number of additional equipment (robots, automatic conveyor extension) and uninterrupted production.
Automatic fire protection system USD 2 million
Thaco paid special attention to fire prevention, so it invested in an automatic fire protection system with a budget of USD 2 million, which was granted a certificate of eligibility by the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department.

Together with Thaco Mazda factory, in 2017, Thaco inaugurated and put into operation the largest Thaco Bus factory in the ASEAN region with a designed capacity of 20,000 vehicles per year (including: 8,000 buses and 12,000 mini cars. -bus) on an area of 17 hectares, of which the factory area is 8 hectares, with modern and automated production lines, especially the plant is designed to be built with a density of more than 55% greenery. including green core of beautiful landscapes between the factory and the whole Industrial Zone, creating a green, clean space, ensuring the most environment in Vietnam.

At the same time, Thaco also invested in upgrading all existing spare parts factories and put into operation 2 more factories in the direction of automation. Currently, Thaco continues to invest in building a new truck factory with a capacity of 75,000 vehicles / year and is expanding the Supporting Industrial Park by 83 hectares, increasing the total area for supporting industry to 138 hectares. In particular, the automatic powder coating line that dips the entire bus body is up to 13.7 meters long, is the only bus powder coating line in ASEAN and is one of the 22 powder coating lines currently in operation. the world up to this point. Thaco also put into operation an agricultural machine factory with a designed capacity of 2,000 tractors / year, 1,000 combine harvesters and 3,000 sets of farming equipment.
One of the contents that Thaco also committed to invest in accordance with the agreement signed with the province is to invest in developing forwarding – transporting and upgrading transportation infrastructure. In the past year, Thaco also completed and put into use an additional 173m of the wharf, bringing the total length of the existing wharf to nearly 500m and simultaneously receiving 3 ships of over 20,000 tons with a capacity of 3 million tons / year.
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