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A salesperson at Chevrolet Cadillac dealership in Dearborn, Michigan, became the biggest car seller last year with 1,530 vehicles.
The person who just set the record for selling the most cars in the world in 2017 is Ali Reda of Chevrolet Cadillac dealers in Dearborn, Michigan. Ali sold 1,530 cars and even broke Joe Girard’s world record – 1,425 cars set in 1973. Guinness is currently investigating this record. General Motors alone believes in Ali Reda’s 1,530 sales.

Ali Reda sold the most cars in 2017 with 1,530 cars delivered to customers.

“That number is true, believe me. Ali is the hardest seller I have ever known. If someone does not believe the data, they are invited to GM to check. Everything is clear, ”Les Stanford Chevrolet owner Gary Stanford told Detroit.
Ali Reda has been working at Chevrolet Cadillac dealers for 7 years. He entered the car sales industry at Michigan Industrial Belting and spent 10 years before quitting because he couldn’t find a promotion. He then spent 10 years selling cars at Bill Wink Chevrolet in Dearborn until the branch closed in June 2010.

Ali poses for a photo with the owner of his agency – Gary Stanford (left) and sales manager Scott Montgomery in GM (right).

According to Ali, success comes from the way he approaches customers as a consultant rather than a sales person. “That also means not selling cars. It happens often. People come back with thanks. People often come to me when vehicles have problems and I will help them solve them ”- Ali Reda shared. He also said he had read the sales books of his predecessor Joe Girard and learned the lessons.

Ali surpassed the guy Joe Girard once set a record with 1,425 cars 40 years ago.

“I have a detailed process to help my team work efficiently: I handle the deal from start to finish. I do financial and insurance papers, I do it all myself. There are many salespeople who will not approve of this. Later you will understand that ”- Ali Reda shared.
According to him, the joy of the seller when each transaction is about to complete is to help customers find the right car for them. “At that time, it didn’t feel like work anymore. You are impacting the lives of many people and first-time car buyers. We – the sales people, because we buy and sell all the time, sometimes forget the feeling of eagerness to buy a car. ”
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