Thai cars are constantly flocking to Vietnam

Kinhtedothi – Among more than 600 passenger cars imported under 9 seats imported into Vietnam in the past week, there were more than 500 cars from Thailand.

According to preliminary statistics of the General Department of Customs, in the past week (from 30/3 to 5/4/2018), there were 651 CBU cars of all kinds registering import customs declarations, with The total value reached 18.7 million USD.

Thai cars are constantly flocking to Vietnam. Illustration.
Out of 651 imported cars, the number of cars registered for import declaration is mainly from 9 seats or less. Other cars (all kinds of specialized vehicles) are also registered. In addition, there is only one car with 9 seats and no truck.
Compared to the previous week, this number dropped sharply (from March 23 to March 29, 986 CBU cars were imported into Vietnam, with a value of more than US $ 21 million). Of these, mainly passenger cars with less than 9 seats – up to 602 vehicles, accounting for 92.5% of the total number of cars imported into Vietnam.
These vehicles are registered for import declarations mainly at the border gates of Hai Phong port and Ho Chi Minh City. Complete cars with 9 or fewer seats registered for import during the week include cars originating mainly from Thailand with 523 units, followed by Mexico with 52 units, from Germany with 23 units, from Japan and the US each. The market is 2 pcs.
The increase in import of cars is a sign that the automobile market is about to stabilize after many enterprises have problems with the provisions of Decree 116.
According to preliminary statistics of the General Department of Customs, last week, there were 55.6 million USD of auto components and spare parts imported into our country, lower than 60.5 million USD of the previous week. . Imports of this commodity group mainly originated: from Thailand with 14.2 million USD, from Japan with 11.7 million USD, from China with 9.8 million USD, from Korea with 7.5 million USD. , from Germany with 4.1 million USD …
According to statistics, the volume of cars imported into Vietnam market in March reached 3,679 units. In particular, cars with fewer than 9 seats are 3,077 units (accounting for nearly 84%), trucks are 522 units (accounting for 14%), cars with 9 seats are 21 units and other cars are 59 units.
From the beginning of the year to March 31, 2018, the Customs Office noted that Vietnamese enterprises imported 4,217 cars of all kinds, much lower than the figure of 26,366 imported cars recorded in the same period. time a year earlier.

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