Nearly 5,000 cars were imported in the first quarter of 2018

In March alone, the number of imported complete cars reached nearly 4,000 units.

According to preliminary statistics of the General Department of Customs, this week, 651 complete cars were registered with customs declarations, with a total value of US $ 18.7 million.
Thus, the number of CBU cars imported this week has decreased compared to the number of CBU cars imported last week. Preliminary figures of the General Department of Customs in the previous week (from March 23, 2018 to March 29, 2018) showed that, in the whole country, there were 986 complete cars registered. carrying out import customs procedures, with an import value of more than US $ 2.1 million.
Cars registered with import declarations for the week are mainly cars of 9 seats or less. Besides, the import of other cars (specialized vehicles of all kinds) is also registered. In addition, the import only has 1 car on 9 seats and no truck.

Specifically, this week, up to 602 9-seat cars were procedures for import into Vietnam (higher than 481 units of the previous week) with a value of more than $ 16 million. These vehicles are registered for import declarations mainly at the border gates of Hai Phong port and Ho Chi Minh City.

Complete cars with 9 or fewer seats registered to be imported during the week include cars originating mainly from Thailand with 523 units, followed by Mexico with 52 units, Germany with 23 units, Japan and the United States. Each market is 2 pcs.
For cars of more than 9 seats, only 1 car is allowed to import procedures into Vietnam, with a value of more than USD 46,000. This car is from China and imported at the port of Danang
This week, there was no customs declaration for imported trucks.
In addition, the whole country imported 48 whole cars of other cars (specialized cars), declared value of nearly 2.7 million USD. In particular, the car is from Japan Beralus is 40 units, from China is 4 units and from Italy is 4 units.
The number of CBU cars imported into Vietnam is mainly through the border gates of Hai Phong port area, Ho Chi Minh City and the border gates of Lang Son.
According to preliminary statistics of the General Department of Customs, there were 55.6 million USD of auto parts & accessories imported into our country this week, lower than the previous week’s figure of 60.5 million. Imports of this commodity group originated mainly: from Thailand with 14.2 million USD, from Japan with 11.7 million USD, from China with 9.8 million USD, from Korea with 7.5 million USD. , from Germany with 4.1 million USD … In general, imports from these 5 markets last week accounted for 85% of the total import value of automobile components & spare parts of the country.
With the results of import and export activities during the week, the number of CBU cars imported in March 2018 increased to 3,679 units, of which cars with fewer than 9 seats were 3,077 units (accounting for nearly 84%). trucks with 522 units (accounting for 14%), cars with 9 seats and 21 cars and other cars with 59 cars.
Thus, from the beginning of the year to March 31, 2018, the Customs Office noted that Vietnamese enterprises imported 4,217 cars of all kinds, much lower than the figure of 26,366 imported cars. been in the same time a year earlier.

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